Diane Nominated Humanitarian award 2012 We first got to know Diane nearly five years ago, when our daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. Diane kept in touch with us throughout the two hard years of treatment, offering help and encouragement. Even after she finished her chemo, Diane has continued being such a heartwarming figure in our lives. Many times she has surprised our kids with fun happenings planned just for them, be it swimming, hockey, or mini-golf. Her thoughtful Christmas gifts have been loved and appreciated year after year! Diane is certainly one of the biggest hearted people we know! Her will and ability to care about the people around her are amazing.”
– Hanna & Keith, Glenwood Springs, CO

“The support of Your Friends for Life has meant so much to us in our time of greatest need. It is a difficult and lonely journey but one which has been made less so by the support of this wonderful group. They play a vital role in our Valley.” – Mother of Son battling cancer

“You touch a lot of lives with your organization. We all came away feeling we made a best friend. Thank you for your kindness through this ordeal. It was a tough time for everyone, you made it a lot easier.”
– Out of State family member of cancer patient

“Diane is truly an amazing person and has been such a blessing to my family. I can not say thank you enough. Having this organization help my family when we are struggling under the burden of cancer is more wonderful than I can put into words. Thank you YFFL, Thank you Diane!” – Anna Holley

YFFL came into my life when I was at my lowest. My Mother was in Michigan battling colon cancer and not doing very good. I had no Motherly support and could not share what was going on in my life. They brought us meals on Friday nights. When I was fed up and wanted to quit, Diane stood by me and told me I could still fight, that I was worth it. She talked with my daughter and husband and helped them cope with what they were feeling too. I never would have finished my treatment if it weren’t for Diane. She accepted my grand daughters as her own and made them feel special when I could not.  They made a world of difference in my life.” – Monica

“I have been a cancer patient for two years. I met Diane in the first few months of my diagnosis. I felt like I just met an Angel from Heaven. Diane has made my journey with this disease bearable. The love and kindness she has shared with me is overwhelming. Diane brought hope, courage and strength to my life just when I needed it. She has stood beside me through it all and continues to do so. I see her treat each and every patient of hers with everything she’s got.”
– Dawn, her recommendation on behalf of Diane for the Humanitarian Award

“Diane came to us when our daughter, Teresa, was told she had ovarian cancer. Diane would go to Teresa’s work place and bring her meals. She would call me to see how myself and the family were going. Teresa’s treatments for the first three years of treatment were in Denver. Teresa and I would leave at 5:00 am every Friday morning to go over and every Thursday Diane would call to see if we needed anything. During the last year of Teresa’s life, Diane would go with Teresa to Valley View Hospital for treatments because I had to work. On the last night of Teresa’s life, Diane stayed with me at the hospital when everyone else went home. She is an ANGEL. We love Diane. She is a blessing for so many, she does so much for everyone.”
-Vicki, Silt

Your Friends for Life are a dedicated, generous, caring, giving and hard working group that goes the extra mile to help out families with cancer. My husband was diagnosed in fall 2007 with brain cancer, gone in 2008. They were there for support, meals, and information of all types. They really pay it forward.”
– Debbie Pace

“Our family has received such strong support throughout last year with Your Friends For Life. We had meals delivered to us every weds for months through the toughest part of my treatments. These meals helped so much! We were invited to many events and participated in many of them. We also received Christmas presents for us and our son. How wonderful they knew his age and what would be good for him. They do such a wonderful service to our community.” – Anonymous

Your Friends for Life is a wonderful organization and so needed in this valley with all the cancer. The connections with other women who have lost their husbands was much appreciated. The many times I cry on their shoulders and the warm meals are so wonderful and can’t be measured in words.”
– Wife of a cancer patient who passed away in 2008, Rifle

“I do not know where I would have ended up without the help of Your Friends for Life when my husband had cancer. They helped through the shock that ensued after the horrible cancer diagnosis. I am so thankful for this much needed organization. I can say that first hand it is one of the most helpful and loving non-profits in the Roaring Fork Valley.” – Mary, Wife of cancer patient, Aspen, CO

“I have absolutely loved working with Diane!” – Trevi

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