Honoring Wishes

On occasion,  we hear about a wish and do our best to fulfill them. Our 90 year young client and her volunteer had discussed how much they both would love to ride in a helicopter. After a call to DBS Helicopter, the generosity of  Pilot Doug Sheffer and Carbondale resident Chuck Cole allowed these women the ride of a lifetime and the experience of a dream come true. Our heartfelt thanks to all those involved in planning the spectacular adventure on June 1, 2012.

Another dream we helped make come true was for a young boy. His grandfather had passed away from cancer before the holidays a couple of years ago. His Christmas wish was to go fishing with his grandfather, but after his passing, we knew this would not be possible. Instead, we had a friend contact Santa. Santa was happy to go fishing a week before his big night and brought him a fishing pole and tackle box. The youngster was so excited to learn how to fish with Santa and even more excited when he caught one! It takes a village and we are happy Santa was one of our villagers.