“You’re not the only one who gets cancer. Your kids, your family get it too. All family members need individual support, nurturing and encouragement.” -Welter’s philosophy

Your Friends for Life was not conceived on one particular day, rather it has been an evolution. Diane Welter, founder of the organization, worked for three years helping individuals with cancer. Diane recognized needs not being met throughout the entire Roaring Fork Valley. She formed the fundamental idea that cancer is not a 9 to 5 disease and she was inspired to form Your Friends for Life in 2007.

The many families and friends Diane had met throughout her former administrations of aid were quick to rally to the cause and lend their help and support. Today YFFL has over 60 individuals and families who contribute their time and talents to make this unique organization the wonder it has become.

In a valley where the concept of helping is near and dear to so many hearts, Welter’s philosophy hits home. Many of the YFFL volunteers are former patients or friends and families of patients.

At Your Friends for Life we are able to help patients of all ages. We have been honored to assist families whose members range from toddler-hood to senior citizens. The ability to meet and serve such a wide range of ages is a gift to all the volunteers of this organization.

“To wake up every snowy morning to clear walkways and steps was wonderful! Thank you, thank you.” -YFFL cancer patient

For more information please call Diane Welter at (970) 309-5293 or email yourfriendsforlife@hotmail.com

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