“YFFL came into my life when I was at my lowest… Diane stood by me and told me I could still fight, that I was worth it… I never would have finished my treatment if it weren’t for YFFL.”

Our mission is to provide non-medical support, to nurture and encourage cancer patients, caregivers and their family members during diagnosis, treatment and recovery from all types of cancer. We assist you regardless of where you seek treatment. We are locals helping locals from Aspen to Rifle, Colorado.

Your Friends for Life continues to support the caregiver and family members during the end of life, through the difficult weeks and months after the loss of your loved one.

Cancer survivors and family members are available one on one to share their experience, listen, offer support and encouragement.

For more information please call Diane Welter at (970) 309-5293 or email yourfriendsforlife@hotmail.com

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